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I have been a home school parent of two boys for 8 years. Currently in 2011 we are doing 6th and 8th grade work. I do get asked from time to time to share some of the online resources
I have discovered as well as some of my own simple ideas
about how to make home schooling fun and creative.
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Monday, October 13, 2008

My kids did not come with an owners manual!

When you take a trip or a journey it is and experience that is individual to each person. We are each created so uniquely and yet in some ways we are so much the same.
This is true of home schooling journeys as well our particular journey may not look at all like yours. I have found that I have learned so much just reading how others approach home schooling. One of the things I have noticed is that I have the freedom to experiment, if something is not effective we do something else.

One example for us is math, my younger child is currently 1 grade ahead in math and has set goals to complete that particular 3rd grade math book by January. My older child is currently 2 grades behind. We finally found a math book series that is working for him. Will he catch up - you bet. While he may lag behind currently in Math he is far advanced in his reading and writing skills. We have the flexibility to adjust if something is not working.

I think one of the things I hear most from people is a fear that they will mess up their child if they home school. God commanded us as parents to train up our children. He did not say be sure you send them to the best schools. He said to train them as you sit and as you rise and as you walk along the way. If we take the time to know our children God will show us and help us have the tools and resources to train them up in his ways to fulfill his particular purposes for their live.
This is a job that requires faith, patience, trust and a heart secure and at peace that God will give you everything you need to do what He has called you to do. It is clear that he wants parents to train up their children so it follows that he will give parents what they need to train up their particular children.

If I were to encourage you to do one thing it would be to pray and seek the Lord to understand his vision for your family and each child in your care. If we will take the time to listen, to tune out the clamor He longs to speak to you, He longs to lead you.
You don't need to be afraid. When my first child was first born, I did not know much about how to be a parent. I learned how to change diapers and fix boo boos with a kiss, to know how to understand my child even before he could speak. Each year brings new challenges but I can look back and see that God has helped me every step of the way - he will not abandon me now.

Know that He loves you and your children. He has a plan for you and it is good. Take the time to get to know his voice and his word, to pray and to listen. All the text books in the world will not do as much for a child as parents who trust in Jesus.
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things (even how to train your child) will be added unto you.

Your kids did not come with an owners manual - who needs the owners manual when you have the creator working right beside you every step of the way.


This site has been a great resource for instant down loads on just about every subject imaginable. They do have an affiliate program where you can post their link on your site or blog and receive discounts for letting folks know about them. Every bit helps stretch our home school dollars.

Home School Freebie of the Day

I love this site!
Every day there is a new free posting that I can download to use with my children. Everything from e-books to audio files and some days great link resources.
Some I will save for later when my kids are ready but quite a bit filters into our home school days. They also offer a weekly heads up e-mail so you don't miss out on any thing during the week. It also includes some nice subscriber specials.
Honestly this site helps keep things fresh for us.

Just for the record I don't get anything for promoting these sites. I am simply sharing some of the links to sites I have found to be helpful.

I Saw The Angel In The Marble

This is my all time favorite home school book. Before my son Niah was born
I discovered The Elijah company and their amazing catalog of articles and inspiration. My child was not yet born and it would be many years before I needed to order any of the excellent resources that had assembled.
I read and read the articles in each new catalog and set my heart to home school.

By the time Niah was of school age the Elijah company had closed because Chris and Ellen Davis and their children had successfully run their home schooling race. I was so glad when they published the excellent articles from the catalog into their book "I saw and Angel in the Marble" I am so thankful that they are still around and continue to write wonderful and encouraging articles. I encourage you to visit their site
http://www.homeschoolmarketplace.com and sign up to receive their newsletter.
Be sure to check out the many articles in the archive at their site.

Spelling City

Just discovered this site. You can type in your spelling words or use a word list on the site.
Kids can hear the word and practice or play a game as well as test themselves to see how they are progressing.

Spelling City makes studying for your spelling test fun!