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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aglets = Shoe lace tips

Did you know that a shoe lace tip is called an aglet. My kids heard about aglets mentioned in a cartoon. So we had a home school day about aglets. You can see a clip from the show on U tube at http://www.youtube.co/watch?v=CVvd6iuTvSo

They searched the internet for information about aglets. We googled and came up with about 65 links and some interesting info. One of the best sites we found was http://www.shoe-lacing.com/shoelace/aglets.htm
This guy is really into aglets. This site also proves you can find just about everything on the web.

The next challenge for the boys was to build a web site promoting Aglet awareness. http://agletsarekool.webs.com is what they have managed so far. It is not quite what I had in mind. Cai took photos of all the aglets in our house. I am still hoping for some inspiring aglet poems and a bit more real content on their site. It is work in progress.

My kids are a lot more excited about the idea of building free web sites on various subjects rather than having to make a report or poster. This whole aglet thing is pretty silly however, I saw it as a fun way to try and use some of our developing skills to research, and be creative and have fun learning. I am still hoping to see some aglet art too. Maybe some aglett awareness t-shirts and bumperstickers. There are so many ways one could go on this little tanget.

I think what I find most interesting about aglets - is they are a little things that is generally taken for granted. Yet someone was bothered by fraying shoe laces enough to make and market this idea. There are so many things we take for granted every day. Aglets are kind of like elbows you really don't give them much thought unless for some reason they are not working well.

I was thinking also how aglets keep thing from fraying. I think sometimes we can get frayed and stressed and for me the aglet I need during those times is to return my foucs to Jesus.
Aglets are kind of an odd thing to consider but are there people around you that you've become so used to that they are almost taken for granted. You know like the folks that operate sound systems - they are never notcied unless they make a mistake. Its quite the thankless job. I know some moms feel like invisible aglets. Take some time to be thankful for the aglets in your life. Not just the ones on your shoe laces, but the folks that serve unnoticed day after day. Perhaps take some time to thank Jesus for the many blessings that have become so common and everyday that we have forgotten to be thankful for them.