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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lamp Post Academy

We have another blog page that I have been using to post the kids daily lessons.
It is mainly just for them with links to the various places they need to do their work.
For anyone who might want to follow along with what we are doing and see a practical examples of how we make it work. Keep in mind my youngest Cai is 9, Niah is 12 and David will soon be 14. All three kids are pretty computer savvy and are pretty able to work on their own. This is also our first year to work this way. Up to this point we have used a variety of reward systems, check lists and charts that we have tracked things like books read and other work. It has been a pretty loose system where this one is much more structured.

So far it is working well, there are a few things like the Character section that need a bit more work on my part. All three kids are working on roughly the same things. I have to help Cai with some of the areas like Biology - realizing he will not get as much out of it as the other two. The biggest key for us is if something is not working for someone we find another way to accomplish the goal that does work for them.
It is a series of on going adjustments.

Yesterday 9/8/2009- there was a question about linking verbs from grammar and I realized we needed some more explanation and practice so I found and printed that for them.
There was also need in their math for more information on metric and roman numerals and so I added posts with links where that information could be found. Plus the movie review turned into more of a group skit because we did not have a way to do the clips and commentary.
I have found it is good to have a plan but to allow for creativity and flexibility with in it.

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