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I have been a home school parent of two boys for 8 years. Currently in 2011 we are doing 6th and 8th grade work. I do get asked from time to time to share some of the online resources
I have discovered as well as some of my own simple ideas
about how to make home schooling fun and creative.
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Lay A Table Before You

This morning I went through out house and pulled all the books I thought my husbands 13 year old son might enjoy to read. My husband asked "What are you doing?" I told him I was laying out a table of great food, books that nourished and fed our imaginations and our thoughts.
I am such a firm believer that books give us an amazing chance to see things through the eyes of others. We see their triumphs, trials, courage, hope, inspiration. It helps us to discover those things within our selves. Summer is a wonderful time to get lost in a good book. My prayer is that he will find a book that will speak. Books speak at different times in different ways. If I accomplish the goal of instilling a love of reading in my children - in that alone they will have the tools and the keys to continue to grow and learn through out their lives. If I can accomplish that love of reading during our home schooling years I will have succeeded in my task. I am having to start late with this particular child but I do believe it is never to late to learn to love to read. That being so I am laying a table before him and believe his hunger will lead him to eat from it.

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